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Right from mom’s belly to every stage of adulthood, we are embracing the needs of a newborn, of an adult, and the whole family. We believe that empowering individuals to live their life to its full potential means providing them with the necessary tools to take control of their own health and well-being. The realization of a healthier future starts with choosing the best, scientifically backed over-the-counter healthcare products. Our sheer dedication to human health, along with extensive research and state-of-the-art technology, has thus taken us one step further; to the development of a highly specialized range of Consumer Healthcare solutions.


The magical times of pregnancy and infancy come with the most delicate needs. Motivated by a deep understanding of the tender nature of babies’, as well as of pregnant women’s skin, Dreavia has developed a specialized portfolio that tends to their needs with care and knowledge. The Dreavia Derma and OTC brands include products for basic and specialized skincare and also products that relief babies’ nasal congestion.

Derma &
OTC Portfolio

To ensure that your baby’s skin blossoms with health and happiness, Dreavia has developed a well-rounded skincare product range that effectively covers every delicate need. In order to stay pure, natural and sustainable in philosophy and approach, Novalou turned to the pure power of nature, creating solutions that contain more than 92% natural ingredients. At the heart of all Novalou products lies therefore a unique, soothing, green blend, which combines seven natural oils with nourishing properties.
The brand includes a product range for the baby’s everyday skincare, an advanced skincare range that cover the needs of the sensitive, intolerant, and reactive skin, as well as sun care protection products, and a great range of toothpastes for babies, kids and toddlers with lovely flavors.
The Novalou for her, with compositions formulated to tend to the special needs of pregnant and lactating women, completes the Novalou portfolio.

Dreavia complements the Novalou range with the Novatopia series of specialized products, designed for the holistic care of dry, sensitive and atopy-prone skin*: By a similar mechanism to that of a probiotic, the innovative active ingredient of plant origin, Indufence®, stimulates and optimizes skin’s natural defenses. *For atopic skin first consult a dermatologist.

A concrete experience in pediatrics translates into a firm grasp of babies’ needs and of what the quality of their everyday reality means for their healthy development. A mere stuffy or runny nose can make it hard for them to breathe, which affects their sleep and eating. No matter if nasal congestion is a symptom of a simple cold, of a flu, of allergies, or of sinusitis, it can be relieved with the simple and easy to use Nasalou® nasal aspirator, a smart device especially designed for use in the sensitive nostrils of newborns, babies and toddlers.

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