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Dreavia has developed an extensive distribution platform that offers innovative, patient-centered solutions created by leading brands of the field, to healthcare professionals.

Greece, Romania & Cyprus
With a wealth of experience spanning numerous years, Dreavia is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of medical devices, medicinal and surgical products, nutritional and food supplements, cosmetics, baby accessories and other personal health and care brands, products and solutions in its direct markets of Greece, Romania and Cyprus.

Aside from its own branded products and solutions, Dreavia is proud to represent world renowned companies that are universally known for their quality products and commitment to innovation. Our main focus is always on patient- and consumer-centered solutions, ensuring that the range is always innovative or value-adding and promotes optimal care across the continuum of care for a better and healthier life.

In collaboration with healthcare professionals, we continually strive to contribute to education and provide technical support through ongoing training programs. By keeping pace with technological advancements and introducing new products and techniques that offer numerous advantages, we aim to establish widespread acceptance among healthcare stakeholders in Greece, Romania and Cyprus.