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Right from mom’s belly to every stage of adulthood, we are embracing the needs of a newborn, of an adult, and the whole family. We believe that empowering individuals to live their life to its full potential means providing them with the necessary tools to take control of their own health and well-being. The realization of a healthier future starts with choosing the best, scientifically backed over-the-counter healthcare products. Our sheer dedication to human health, along with extensive research and state-of-the-art technology, has thus taken us one step further; to the development of a highly specialized range of Consumer Healthcare solutions.


Dreavia successfully combines the best science and nature have to offer, into innovative products that provide the whole family with the best nutrition available to sustain a healthy living. Through collaboration with prominent researchers, with persistence in quality, and with the confidence of a proven expertise in pediatrics, Dreavia has built a nutrition product range that covers the specialized needs of infants, children, pregnant and lactating women, and adults.


Rontamil Infant
The Rontamil infant nutrition range was developed after a long period of successful presence in the pediatric sector. The product range includes standard and specialized infant and baby nutrition formulas, baby cereals, and nutrition supplements. The standard Rontamil formulas are the optimum choice for both healthcare professionals and parents to provide for the daily nutritional needs of a baby; and when the baby gets introduced to solid food, Rontameal cereals offer an ideal food to complement their daily nutrition.

The product assortment also offers specialized formulas that circumvent gastrointestinal disorders, as well as innovative formulas enriched with synbiotics, HMOs, LCPUFAs and Nucleotides, thus being closer to the golden standard, breastmilk. These products are developed according to Dreavia’s objective to provide healthcare professionals with the optimum solutions in their everyday practice. The range is completed by the Rontamil Human Milk Fortifier, especially formulated to supplement preterm and/or low birth weight newborns’ nutrition.

Rontamil Adult
Dedicated to creating products that empower the individual’s potential to sustain a healthy living through every stage of their life, Dreavia has also developed four specialized nutritional supplements for adults. Rontamil Mom is especially formulated for pregnant and lactating women, Rontameal Nutri-Pro ACTIVE is designed to support cognitive and physical health in ageing populations, Rontameal Nutri-pro BALANCED with High Calcium content is for muscle mass preservation and functionality in seniors, while Rontameal Nutri-pro with Low Glycemic Index is developed for the fight against prediabetes and type-2 diabetes.
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Me n’ Mil
Me n’ Mil offers the essential range of excellent quality UHT treated cow’s milk, rich in nutritional value, with a taste loved by children and adults alike. A low-fat milk with creamy texture that comes in Natural, Chocolate and Strawberry flavor.
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Me n' Mil